VoIP vs UCaaS: Which one is best for your business?

For over 20 years, small to medium-sized businesses have embraced VoIP to replace outdated phone systems and as technology has improved, VoIP has evolved into a next-generation technology that provides seamless integration between internet and voice.

Developed in the 1970s, VoIP technology began to be widely used in the 1990s, leading to the development and practical application of UCaaS for next-generation voice, video, and more.      

Vision Net provides VoIP, UCaaS, and Microsoft Teams Integrated services and since no two businesses have the same needs, we design robust and secure systems and work with our clients to find the right technology solution.

Many organizations have strategic reasons for unifying their business communication with a cloud-based solution and will see the best ROI with Vision Net’s UCaaS. However, other businesses have unique needs that are best met by Vision Net’s VoIP.

As a business telecommunications company in Montana for over 28 years, Vision Net understands the needs of small and medium sized businesses throughout the region. We work with our clients to find the best solution for their needs and within their budget, and we’re here to help you determine the best solution for your business.

Vision Net’s VoIP is implemented on-site through your broadband connection, rather than outdated telephone cables. VoIP services can be managed in-house or delivered as a cloud-based service; Vision Net’s agility allows businesses to determine their best management method.

5 Reasons Why VoIP Is Ideal for Businesses Seeking Simple and Affordable Phone Calling:

  1. Significant cost savings on interoffice calling, long-distance, and international calling.
  2. Simple phone line management.
  3. Cost-effective management.
  4. Automated call distribution, voice recognition, and remote phone lines management.
  5. As your business grows, you can scale from VoIP to UCaaS.

UCaaS is defined by as-a-Service apps that are hosted and delivered by a cloud communication tool and as a Unifying communication tool for a streamlined user interface. Vision Net’s UCaaS is delivered through our Unified Communications platform. Adopting Vision Net’s UCaaS will lead to remarkable cost savings and productivity gains.

UCaaS: The Top 5 Needs It Addresses for Businesses:

  1. Video features including video conferencing, web conferencing, and screen sharing.
  2. Simple communication and management across multiple sites or locations.
  3. Developing strong business continuity and disaster management processes including broadcast via voice phones, instant messages, text, and email.
  4. Increase productivity and decrease error by integrating data across apps.
  5. Improve the customer experience by unifying channels including chat, email, and phone.

One of the most practical features of UCaaS missing from VoIP are video communications. If your employees work remotely, travel expenses are a concern, or teams work in different offices, video has benefits that will deliver a strong ROI. 93% of communication is nonverbal, so video could mean fewer miscommunications, 30% less on business travel, and greater collaboration between teams. For many companies, video is the deciding factor between VoIP or UCaaS since video conferencing lets your employees conduct interactive meetings, share screens, connect with and help clients troubleshoot issues in record time.

VoIP and UCaaS both provide flexibility that businesses need. UCaaS offers extensive flexibility in services, especially if you partner with vendors who offer dedicated port connection and with VoIP, you can instantly add and subtract phone lines, and offer features to employees on an as-needed basis. We built our VoIP and Unified Communication Suite on our network with reliability and redundancy as priorities with a knowledgeable staff to ensure your network is proactively monitored and threats are eliminated before they can attack your network.

As an additional feature to the Vision Voice suite of products Vision Net offers Microsoft Teams integration where Vision Net handles the call origination and termination through MS Teams rather than relying on Microsoft as your phone provider. The benefits are our redundant network optimized for call and video applications and the ability to overlay services and advanced features such as call center, hunt groups, call recording, call reporting and faxing.

Still not sure which option will work best for your business? Contact Vision Net to learn about the functionality that will work best for your business.