Security offerings

Vision Net is focused on the detection of known and unknown threats reduces the risk and prevents a broad range of attacks.

we provide a comprehensive security package for your business

Being connected to the digital world 24/7 leaves your business vulnerable to cyber security threats that can cost money, time, and reputation.

Breach Detection

Vision net’s collect-and-analyze approach to active threat detection provides step-by-step recommendations to prioritize the threat, remediate the incident, and address the root cause.

Cylance Protect

Protection is possible using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Cylance identifies malware/scripting/virus before it can attack your network. Cylance protects and prevents advanced threats that traditional anti-virus cannot.

Next Generation Firewalls

Palo Alto Networks provide prevention-focused architecture.

Remote Monitoring & Management

 Windows patch updates and process monitoring and component threshold alarms.

With employees increasingly working remotely, never has there been a more crucial time for businesses to learn about the threats that Vision Net can help protect against.