Enterprise Wireless Solutions

Modern business or enterprise-grade WiFi networks are complicated systems that require advanced WiFi designs that combine both hardware and software to support the ever increasing amount of devices and cloud-based applications.

At Vision Net, we offer an all-in-one WiFi as a Service platform (managed wifi subscription) that includes managed network services.

Our comprehensive suite of managed network services offers:

24 hour security

Monitor 24/7/365

We provide software that allows you to see your network coverage in real-time and it can proactively alert you when equipment goes offline, or threshold limitations are exceeded.

Hosted Voice

Proactive Management

Our network management identifies system outages, works to correct them, and notifies the responsible parties for remediation. Network management also includes reviewing configurations and running firmware to ensure the network is up to date and performing the best it can.

Devices Insights

The monitoring that Vision Net provides for your network also captures information about connected clients. Understanding where the connectivity issue is happening or why it is happening drastically reduces the troubleshooting time needed to resolve the issue.

Ongoing Supportive Relationship

Your WiFi network is always subject to changing variables: devices, users, applications, and the physical environment. So it’s critically important to adjust and optimize your network on an ongoing basis.

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strength and reliability

Reliable and efficient access to data has become an important asset for businesses to gain a competitive advantage. The strength and reliability of Vision Net’s wireless solutions solves our client’s business challenges. 


To accommodate increasing demand for wireless connectivity, businesses are redesigning their networks to support mobile devices, Internet Of Things, and cloud-based applications to ensure their employees remain productive, whether in-office or remotely.

Vision Net’s managed services can

  • Review your current network setup.
  • Identify any gaps or needs that our enterprise-grade network can provide.
  • Recommend the best network based on those requirements and your budget.

From dedicated, outdoor, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint products, to comprehensive, class-leading Wi-Fi, Vision Net can design a solution that works for your business’ size and budget.

With Vision Net’s enterprise wireless solutions, your business will recognize better collaboration capabilities, centralized management, and a better end-user experience.

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