Vision Net has invested in new fiber optic cable in Billings, giving enterprise, large, medium and small businesses additional connectivity options.

Outages are an inevitable frustration for all businesses. When your connection goes down, so does your productivity, and ultimately, your profitability.

Even more frustrating to local businesses was having limited options to ensure that their business connection stays up and running.

Vision Net gives your data and connection a backup plan.

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Vision Net's Fiber Network

Learn about Vision Net's investment in fiber installation throughout the region.

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Who is Vision Net?

Learn about Vision Net's Journey and our role in the Montana community.

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Vision Secure - 24/7 Local Support

Learn about Vision Net's innovative VisionSecure suite for your business.


Most frequent questions and answers

Whether you are a small, medium or large business, your connection and data are one of the most important aspects of your business. Vision Net has developed a solution with our Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) product. Your business’ primary connection is through our robust fiber network, with a redundant and secondary connection can be through a myriad of different connection types; be it 5g, traditional copper, etc. Vision Net installs a small piece of hardware, with software applied, to balance those connections. If either network is not performing as required, it rolls more traffic to the other connection. If one connection goes out completely, all traffic is directed to the remaining carrier. Our business technology solutions fit your needs and budget and provide a fast and reliable connection.

If there is ever a complete outage situation with your main connection, Vision Net proactively detects and seamlessly transfers your traffic to the secondary connection to make the transfer completely seamless and transparent. Your business continues to function, while your competitors wait for their provider to react.

Vision Net offers our Vision Secure services through our Vision Suite. Vision Secure offers 24 x 7 network monitoring and management, local backups, and next generation firewalls, maximizing security and protecting your data.

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