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Top 5 Data Center Security Risks: How Vision Net Protects Your Data 

In the fast-paced world of data management, security is paramount. As a Montana-based telecom company with state-of-the-art data centers, Vision Net understands the critical importance of data center security. In this blog post, we will discuss five data center security risks that every business should be aware of and how Vision Net’s cutting-edge facilities can help mitigate these risks. 

1. Physical Intrusions 

Risk: While cyber-attacks grab most of the headlines, physical breaches of data centers remain a real threat. Data centers hold sensitive data and equipment that is attractive to thieves. Ensure strong physical security measures like multiple access controls, video surveillance, and on-site security guards. 

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Mitigation: Vision Net’s data centers feature multiple layers of security, including burglar and motion intrusion detection alarm systems, CCTV cameras, and vehicle intrusion bollards. Biometric access controls with Two-Factor and Three-Factor Authentication ensure that only authorized personnel can enter the facility and specific customer areas. 

2. Power Interruptions 

Risk: Power outages or fluctuations can disrupt data center operations, potentially causing data loss or downtime. 

Mitigation: Vision Net’s facilities boast highly reliable commercial power with redundant generators and UPS backup systems. A and B uninterruptible power circuits ensure continuous operation, even in the face of power disruptions. 

3. Environmental Threats 

Risk: Environmental factors like fires, floods, storms, and earthquakes can pose serious threats to data center equipment and data integrity. 

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Mitigation: Vision Net’s data centers offer an extremely low geolocation risk, reducing the chances of natural disasters. Furthermore, our facilities are equipped with dry pipe fire suppression and zoned heat/smoke detection systems, including Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) detection. Redundant HVAC systems with hot/cold aisle configurations maintain ideal environmental conditions for data center equipment.

4. Network Vulnerabilities 

Risk: Weak network security can expose data to cyber threats and unauthorized access. 

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Mitigation: Vision Net offers ultra-low network latency and implements robust security measures like Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and Three-Factor Authentication (3FA) to safeguard against network vulnerabilities. 

5. Compliance and Regulatory Risks 

Risk: Failure to comply with industry-specific regulations (e.g., SOC 1 Type 2 and PCI DSS SAQ) can result in legal and financial consequences. 

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Mitigation: Vision Net’s data centers are fully compliant with industry standards, ensuring that your critical data operations meet regulatory requirements. Maintaining SOC 1, Type 2 compliance involves a periodic, rigorous, independent audit of Vision Nets policies and procedures related to physical security, facility, and environmental protection, customer account management, logical security, and operations. The audits are conducted to help assure our partners that the Data Center is operated appropriately to ensure maximum security, reliability, and customer uptime. 

Plus, with zero sales tax and low business property tax in Montana, you can save on operational costs. 

At Vision Net, we provide the ideal solution for maintaining your critical data operations while freeing up premium resources that can be dedicated to your core business. Our state-of-the-art facilities, carrier neutrality, and commitment to security make us the trusted choice for data center services across all industries. 

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