Transport Services is now Wholesale Carrier Services.

Vision Net’s Transport Services has rebranded to Wholesale Carrier Services. The new name reflects the industry’s shift from basic connectivity to a broader range of solutions. Our Wholesale Carrier Services department provides fiber optic services such as Carrier Ethernet, Wavelength, Wireless/Mobile Backhaul, SONET/TDM, and Dark Fiber. The Wholesale Carrier Network spans state-wide, extending to neighboring states and complemented by connectivity throughout the United States and Canada. 

Wholesale Carrier Services acknowledges the growing importance of these services in the industry and meets the evolving needs of businesses for comprehensive communication solutions. 

We’re not a Trucking Firm

The new name also addresses the elephant long in the room. As Vision Net Transport Services Manager Lee Kimmet points out, people occasionally confused the department with a transportation business. “We’re definitely not a trucking company,” Kimmet said, “although there are some commonalities—logistics, reliability, dedication, and service.” 

New Name. Same Quality Experience

While the department’s name may have changed, the industry expertise, knowledgeable service, and outstanding customer experience you’ve come to expect from Vision Net have not. “Vision Net has made a name for itself as a reliable business partner providing the best in carrier-class service,” Kimmet said. “That’s a priority for us, no matter what name we’re using.” 

Learn more about Wholesale Carrier Services here.