Getting to know Vision Net’s Wholesale Services Department

Like most companies, Vision Net comprises numerous departments working together to deliver on the company’s mission. Business operations, sales and marketing, engineering and network operations, and finance and accounting are familiar terms. But mention “wholesale services” and many people immediately think of one specific industry. 

In response, Vision Net’s Wholesale Services Manager Lee Kimmet is quick to point out that “we’re not a trucking company, although there are some commonalities—for example, logistics, reliability, dedication, and service.”

So, what exactly is wholesale services in the telecommunications industry, and what does the Vision Net wholesale services team do? Kimmet, who has been with Vision Net for over 16 years and leads a team of 12, spent some time answering our most pressing questions. 

Q. First things first, what is the wholesale services department?

A. The wholesale services department provides fiber optic services such as Carrier Ethernet, Wavelength, Wireless/Mobile Backhaul, SONET/TDM, and Dark Fiber. The wholesale network spans state-wide and includes more than 5,000 miles of fiber, complimented by connectivity throughout the United States and Canada. My team and I are highly motivated to maximize efficiencies and find scalable solutions for our customers. We are in the business of providing bandwidth, and our network can provide a lot of it.

Q. And what types of service do you deliver?

A. Vision Net’s Wholesale Services include both technology and operational solutions. Technology services include Carrier Ethernet, Wavelength, Wireless/Mobile Backhaul, SONET/TDM, and Dark Fiber. Operational services involve single-source contact, reliable and scalable solutions, one supplier dedicated sales and account team, customized billing, and superior, 24×7 monitoring and support.

Q. How has the department—and your work—changed over the past ten years?

A. The wholesale services department has evolved with technology advancements. The network started as a SONET/TDM based system supported by copper and fiber facilities and has evolved into a DWDM network. DWDM means Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing, a fancy way of saying we leverage technology to increase bandwidth over existing fiber networks. Today’s emphasis is on supporting fiber optic services that support various technologies, with SONET/TDM now only being a small portion of those services.

Q. And what factors have brought the most changes to Wholesale services?

A. We continue to see increased demand for more scalable bandwidth and network reliability as users’ needs change and evolve. Driving much of this is the increase in data transfer and storage along with gaming, video, and connected devices. People, businesses, schools, and other organizations need better and faster connectivity in today’s world.

The network continues to grow to meet the increasing bandwidth demand. Whereas once we provided T1 (1.5Mbps) and DS3 (45Mbps) services to our customers, we now deliver 100Mbps, 10Gbps, 100Gbps, and more. It’s essential to have a scalable and reliable network to meet bandwidth requirements.

Q. What makes the Vision Net Wholesale Services department unique in the marketplace?

A. One of the key differentiators is our ability to provide diverse fiber optic routes that other providers cannot, often a pressing issue in a rural state. We find and develop creative solutions to the challenging needs of our customers.

Q. In what sector are you seeing the greatest growth?

A. Carrier Ethernet—which provides carrier-class Ethernet services— increases exponentially. It wasn’t too many years ago that our primary services were T1 and DS3 services, and today we provide 1G and 100G services. Businesses need reliable bandwidth with low latency to operate in today’s market efficiently.  

Q. What’s your favorite part of the job?

A. My favorite parts of the job are the challenge and reward of solving customer needs and managing the great team of dedicated people in the wholesale services department. If you’d like to learn more about Vision Net’s Wholesale Services department, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Lee.