Vision Net is Montana’s Largest Network, providing comprehensive security solutions

Technology is at the center of change, enabling businesses to transform their operation models and respond nimbly to competitive threats. Every business’ needs are different and to succeed, you need innovative insight, a technology solution, and a secure network. Smart technology solutions will support your business’ success and help you improve employee efficiency aspirations, stay ahead of regulatory mandates, and guard against external cyber threats.

Hosted Voice | Vision Net is a premiere provider of Hosted Voice solutions. We built our Hosted Voice platform with multiple layers of redundancy, providing your business with maximum uptime and continuous operation. Your business will have the power and functionality to receive and manage phone calls from anywhere, anytime. If your growing business is ready to improve your operations, your business needs the complete suite of Vision Net’s Hosted Voice.

Endpoint | Vision Net’s Endpoint security suite secures devices, or endpoints, such as laptops, tablets, mobile devices, and servers. Our endpoint security systems protect your business’ devices on our cloud-based platform from cybersecurity threats. Evolving from traditional antivirus software to proactive and comprehensive protection, Vision Net’s Endpoint security is your business’ cybersecurity frontline. Over the last decade, the volume and sophistication of cybersecurity threats has steadily grown, and with the average employee connected to at least 5 endpoints, Vision Net remains committed to stay ahead of the trend with proactive tools, including our advanced endpoint security solutions.

Microsoft Teams | Your business needs a professional communication suite that provides employees with professional chat and videoconferencing, file storage, and application integration. Vision Net’s Microsoft Teams integration leverages our carrier-grade telephone platform to process the voice side of your Microsoft Teams deployment.

Unified Communication Suite for Business | With Vision Net’s Unified Communication Suite, your business’ collaboration, conferencing, and messaging are more immediate and flexible. Vision Net’s UC technology gives your business the accessibility and transparency to keep your team productive. As a premier provider of Unified Communications and Collaboration solutions, Vision Net delivers a mobile, flexible, and reliable voice and video solution seamlessly integrated with productivity applications to simplify your business’ communications and improve efficiency. UC through Vision offers business continuity, diversified workforce, and scalability.

Metro Fiber | Supporting our business solutions and technology offering is our metro fiber network. For the last decade, Vision Net has invested in new fiber optic infrastructure throughout Montana to provide small, medium, and large businesses secure and reliable connectivity options. We proactively added several layers of redundancy into our network to ensure your business’ connection stays up and running and that your data is secure. If there is ever a complete outage situation with your main connection, Vision Net proactively detects and seamlessly transfers your traffic to the secondary connection so your business can continue to function, while your competitors wait for their provider to react.

As your provider, we can integrate a world-class business solution. Our expertise as Montana’s largest independent network gives us the tools to give your business an agile, robust, and adaptive system within your budget and size. In 2021, stay ahead of threats, disruptions, and your competitors with a complete business solution from Vision Net.