Employee Spotlight: Matthew Krogue

For this month’s Employee Spotlight, we met Matthew Krogue, a Sales Engineer with our Business Development team. Learn about his favorite Vision Net perk, what action-packed movie he considers his favorite, and how he transformed our NOC into the world-class operation it is today.

What is your position at Vision Net and what do you do?

Sales Engineer/Special Projects. I am in charge of all State of Montana circuit orders on Network side. I am in charge of all disconnects on Network side. I am in charge of the RMM IT Management platform. I am in charge of our server/desktop backup platform. I am one of two primary system administrators for all Windows Servers. I am one of the primary Vision Secure administrators. I do various Sales Engineer related tasks, along with many other miscellaneous duties.

How long have you worked at Vision Net?

Here shortly I will be going into my 16th year at Vision Net.

What made you choose Vision Net?

I had just gotten out of the Airforce after a 4-year stint and had done mostly IT related work while I served and wanted to try to continue on that path.

What 3 words describe Vision Net?

Managed Service Provider

What is your favorite Vision Net perk?

Healthy is Wellness because it helps me stay on top of my fitness, helps me track my progress, and learn new ways to be proactive about my helth.

What is your favorite thing you have learned at Vision Net?

The massive amount of Windows Server administrator knowledge I have self-taught in addition to learned from Sean Rue since starting here.

What challenges do you enjoy at Vision Net?

When I get to work on IT related tasks.

Are there any projects you have worked on that you’re proud of?

I helped to bring the NOC from a 4-person department into a 20+ employee powerhouse long ago.

What do you enjoy most about being a part of the Business Development team?

We are a small department that bats way above our average in all that we do.

What is something people would never guess you do in your role?

Sales quotes

With the changes in technology, how has your job changed?

Really has not changed much new technology wise. Though technologies we use have definitely improved over the years.

What is the greatest innovation you have seen in your lifetime?

Smart phones/Tablets

What is your favorite movie?

Big Trouble in Little China

What is your favorite food?


Do you have any talents or hobbies?

Basketball, tech in general, working on houses and my cabin.

How do you define success?

Putting all you have into everything you do. Honesty and Integrity no matter the personal cost.