Bandwidth on Demand: stay ahead of the competition

The world revolves around bandwidth, and the next evolution in our connected world is Bandwidth on Demand, an adaptable technology providing additional bandwidth as necessary to accommodate increased traffic. In the Cloud Computing age, static connectivity is not enough for businesses to operate. What is increasingly needed is a network that gives your business the bandwidth you need, when we need it.

A fast, reliable, and secure connection is the lifeblood of your business’ productivity, and trends show increasing bandwidth use across all industries. How can your business harness the power and flexibility of Bandwidth on Demand to stay ahead of your competitors?

The following are examples of Bandwidth on Demand that businesses will realize the benefits this service provides:

Sporting events | Stadiums and sporting arenas have drastically fluctuating bandwidth demands. During off-hours, these venues have little need for connectivity compared to when an event is happening. Compared to a typical Wednesday morning when very little is happening to when a baseball game is happening, the seats are full of fans on their own devices, and food and beverage transactions are being processed, there is such a massive difference in bandwidth demand that management researches options to bring their bill in line with their actual bandwidth use.

Healthcare | With emerging changes in privacy laws, record-keeping, telemedicine, and wearable health monitors, healthcare provider networks consistently struggle to keep their data infrastructure current. A dynamic and nimble broadband solution would help healthcare professionals stay ahead of the evolving and growing data needs of the healthcare industry to focus on client care.

Retail | As we enter the holiday shopping season, businesses can anticipate when their busiest days and times can adjust their bandwidth use to ensure credit card and online transactions can process with no interruption to the client experience. In addition, if an online retailer is releasing a new product with a special discount or gift for the first 4 hours of the product’s launch, they can order the bandwidth they will need for a discreet time.

Bandwidth on Demand allows your business to customize your connectivity parameters, giving you control over your network’s use and output like never before. For example, a business may request an increase in bandwidth from 1G to 10G every Saturday night, from 9pm to 1am, to perform a large-scale data backup.

Vision Net delivers the increased bandwidth you need and after that time period, your bandwidth service returns to normal usage levels. Vision Net’s professionals adapt to these network fluctuations with different approaches; your business can demand instant or scheduled bandwidth. As a technology solutions provider, we can help you determine the best needs for your business.

For businesses that require nimble and forward-thinking technology solutions, Vision Net’s Bandwidth on Demand provide flexible bandwidth, locations, and connectivity times.

Bandwidth on Demand is designed to assist your established network and provide your business with the flexibility of choice. Vision Net is here to help you find the best solution for your business, and our Bandwidth on Demand will ensure your business gets the fast, reliable speeds you need and your customers enjoy a seamless and fast service experience.