How to Power your Network with Carrier Ethernet

Carrier Ethernet is a universally popular and economical business solution. Offering enhanced Operation, Administration, and Maintenance capabilities combined with superior resilience make it ideal for your business. Supporting Vision Net’s Carrier Ethernet capabilities are our client-focused Wholesale Services. Together, they provide a complete technology solution for your business. As an innovative and forward-thinking company, our Carrier Ethernet is commonly employed in industries such as banking, healthcare, education, government, and military for high-capacity, high-performance application support. The 4 distinguishing features of Carrier Ethernet for your business are:
  1. Standardized Services | the biggest benefit to Carrier Ethernet is the standardized, ubiquitous services that streamline the delivery, billing, and network process.
  2. Reliability | Carrier Ethernet is designed to detect faults and recover without impacting your business’ day-to-day operations.
  3. Scalability | each business’ needs are unique, and Vision Net applies a network solution that fits each business’ needs and budget.
  4. Service Management | Vision Net monitors, diagnoses, and manages your network based on your business’ needs.
A distinct advantage of Vision Net’s Carrier Class Ethernet and Wholesale services are ease-of-operation, providing our clients with a single point of contact, customized billing, diverse fiber routes for network redundancy, high-speed and scalable bandwidth, network colocation, end-to-end circuit provisioning and testing, dedicated account management, protected statewide fiber optic network, nationwide connectivity, and aggressive installation schedules combined with 24/7 Network monitoring and technical support. Vision Net’s robust Wholesale Services ensures that your business does not have to worry about underlying connection issues or service disruptions that can negatively impact your business. We continue to build our fiber network, add new diverse routes, install metropolitan fiber, and invest in our network’s infrastructure. With Carrier Ethernet services supported by our client-focused Wholesale Services and our 24/7 Network operations Center, learn how Vision Net can power your network.