The year in review and a look to the future by our CEO

Corey Jensen, Vision Net President & CEO, December 2020:

As I reflect on 2020, a year that has impacted each of us in so many challenging ways, I’m struck by an overwhelming sense of pride in our people and our company.

While the world battled a highly contagious virus, the Vision Net team pivoted, seamlessly adopting a new work-from-home business model. Yet, even this move brought many accompanying pressures along with it. In a time of great stress and uncertainty, our employees demonstrated the very values upon which our company is built: tenacity, self-responsibility, respect and teamwork.

This willingness to come together and to persevere speaks volumes about Vision Net’s culture. I consider it to be the foundation of our business, guiding how we operate and interact with each other and with the larger community. I often say that culture is everything, and 2020 certainly brought this idea into sharp relief. While other companies have struggled to conduct business as usual in a time that is anything but usual, Vision Net is still able to deliver the highest-quality service and solutions to our customers, with no interruptions or hiccups along the way.

That said, I feel a great sense of honor that Vision Net was selected by the Great Falls Area Chamber of Commerce for its Medium-Sized Business of the Year Award. I was humbled by the large number of nominations we received —not only from our own employees, but also from our many customers and business partners. This award confirms what so many of us already knew: Vision Net is a great place to work. By continually working on and adapting our culture we ensure Vision Net remains responsive to the needs of our employees and customers. I look forward to continuing to build upon our strong foundation as we transition into 2021, a year that promises to be a bright one for Vision Net.

One of the things that has always served us well — and certainly we saw it this year — is our ability to remain nimble in an ever-changing marketplace. Vision Net is large enough to serve the needs of most customers who come our way, yet small enough to be able to pivot when the market demands it.

Technology and telecommunications are continually evolving with huge sea changes taking place. And while much of the conversation this past year was focused on the pandemic, the Vision Net team was preparing for yet another big change: 5G. This “next-gen” technology is on the horizon and we’ve been preparing the company for the changes it is sure to bring. Some of these advancements include autonomous vehicles and enhanced supply chain efficiencies, something we can all better understand having navigated COVID-19.

Additionally, we anticipate a shift in data storage from the current centralized cloud to a distributed edge compute model, a transformation necessary because data will need to be closer to the end device or user. Since 5G leverages the exact things we excel at — specifically, terrestrial networks — we’re confident Vision Net is poised to meet both the demands and opportunities of this exciting new technology head-on.

As we look ahead to the new year, we remain committed to investing in our people and our network, ensuring that our culture remains relevant and fresh and that the telecommunications solutions we offer continue to evolve to meet industry standards and expectations.

In a year marked by hardship, loss and struggle for so many, the people of Vision Net stepped up, pulled together and got the job done. And for that, I will be eternally grateful.