Vision Net’s Ethernet services move your business forward

Reliable and efficient access to data has become an important asset for businesses to gain a competitive advantage. File cabinets and mountains of papers have migrated to computers that store and manage information electronically. Coworkers 10 feet or hundreds of miles apart can share information seamlessly and securely, while workers in a single location can simultaneously review and send data online. All this is due to the strength and reliability of Ethernet.

Vision Net’s Ethernet solutions offer fiber-based connectivity to deliver fast and secure performance for your business; today, and into the future. Vision Net’s system engineers can design a complete solution for your business that includes bandwidth of up to 10Gbps. For 25 years, Vision Net has built our network to be Montana’s largest, providing businesses around the nation with secure access to Ethernet services supported by our world-class Network Operations Center.

Spanning nearly 5,000 miles to serve both small and large businesses, our networks allow us to provide a diverse, robust, and cost-effective service to our clients. We have secured our network through major wire centers, providing a higher level of service than most of our competitors. With ties to major areas throughout the United States and Canada, Vision Net can meet regional, national, and international circuit needs.

Vision Net provides more than support to our customers, we deliver solutions through quality service, operational excellence, and exceptional customer service. Using standards-based testing and certification methodologies such as Y.1731 we assure our clients will get the most out of their network. 

No matter how many locations you have or where they are located, Vision Net can design, install, monitor, and support a state-of-the-art Network for your business. Our networks allow us to provide a wide range of wholesale and network services with proven technologies such as Ethernet transport, Direct Internet Access, point-to-point, and multipoint wireless connections with one of the most robust networks in the region. Our multi-vendor, multi-location Tier 1 connections guarantee high speed, ultra-reliable network connections, and unprecedented flexibility in building and maintaining your network.

Benefit from Vision Net’s flexible and manageable Ethernet services that can scale as your business’ needs change. You can rely on the guaranteed performance and reliability of Vision Net’s fiber network backed by end-to-end SLAs and delivered by one of Montana’s largest Ethernet providers. Benefit from Vision Net’s flexible and manageable Ethernet services.