The Competitive Advantages of IoT Connectivity

The Internet of Things (IoT) has changed how businesses operate and function, allowing for seamless use between devices and operations. What once required multiple networks, bulky cables, or cumbersome wires, now requires just one secure network.

Business advantages

Employers are increasingly seeing the benefits of incorporating IoT into their business model; as IoT becomes more integrated into workflow, additional remote working opportunities will be available for tasks that used to require staff to be on-site to complete. The industrial applications are vast and efficient, and according to Roy Alexander, Vision Net’s Senior Account Manager, “eventually, everything will be connected to the internet, so businesses that develop or expand IoT into their operations will realize a significant competitive advantage.”

Data leverage

The IoT’s multi-industry functionality provides small and large businesses with improved efficiency, increased productivity, and enhanced employee engagement. Companies can leverage the data created by their connected devices to improve efficiency across operations. For example, Vision Net monitors and supports the secured network of a business that utilizes IoT for multiple users on multiple connected devices. Vision Net’s support staff provides real-time reports and proactive monitoring to ensure connected devices remain secure. By leveraging the data these reports provide, our client knows they are giving their customers the best service and experience. This forward-thinking business, and others who embrace the IoT, understand the value of technology adoption and are better-positioned to survive into the future.

Predict and act

A key advantage of IoT connectivity is the ability to predict needs before they arise, letting you guide your business with precision based on analytics and insights. Using your data, you can analyze historical trends to help you proactively predict client needs before they arise. In today’s connected world, businesses that predict and plan for client needs will stay ahead of their competition, and you owe it to your business to invest in the tools that will keep you well-positioned; IoT connectivity gives you that advantage.

Improved client messaging

IoT connectivity gives your business the opportunity to interact and engage with clients, both existing and potential, like never before. Using data from your secured network, you can analyze the information clients have sought from you and anticipate what they will need from you in the future. You’ve seen this example every month when you get your utility bill; your provider shows past use and predicts future use, giving you an idea of what you will pay in the future. This model can be applied to your business, giving your clients the information they need, before they know they need it! Businesses of all sizes use IoT connectivity to fine tune their client messaging. Before IoT connectivity, businesses would have to guess what their clients needed, when they needed it, and how they would deliver it. Today, you don’t have to guess! Data-driven insights will guide your message and how you deliver client care.

Security solution

One of the keys to ensure businesses continue to realize the potential of the IoT is to consider the security of the network that supports the business’ connected devices. Through state-of-the art patch management, Vision Net acquires, tests, and installs multiple patches on existing applications and software tools, enabling systems to stay updated on existing patches and determining which patches are the appropriate ones.

Vision Support

IoT connectivity gives your business the power to collect your network’s data and with the capabilities of analytics, lets you discover insights that will help you run your business better, maximizing productivity. Vision Support, designed with each client and business in mind, supports IoT device connectivity, allowing for the complete management of the health and status, and our technicians proactively monitor your network to prevent malware attacks and phishing attempts that can corrupt your device’s security. Vision Net’s Vision Support package includes our managed ACS that allows for the seamless management of remote devices. Any device, any protocol, any service, any time, anything, can be managed by our platform. Vision Net’s professionals can design an IoT solution for your business so your connected devices will utilize the full advantage the IoT today and into the future.

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