Vision Net chosen by First Interstate Bank as telecommunications solutions provider

Following a highly-competitive RFP process that considered solutions from numerous network providers, including many nationally recognized brands, Vision Net was chosen to manage First Interstate Bank’s multi-state, multi-location closed network. Headquartered in Billings, Montana, First Interstate operates more than 150 branches across Idaho, Montana, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, and Wyoming.

At the time of the RFP announcement, First Interstate had a complex network connection system, with nearly 30 carriers providing a range of services. The RFP sought consolidation into a more manageable system with just two carriers—the first to manage the primary network and the second to oversee the company’s system-wide back-up network.

Ultimately, First Interstate found the best solution for all its needs, primary and secondary, with Vision Net. First Interstate Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Kade Peterson, said he and his team were highly impressed with Vision Net’s suite of solutions, deep industry knowledge and flexibility to seek out unique and creative solutions.

“As we reviewed the many proposals in front of us, Vision Net immediately stood out for their capability, vast suite of network solutions, and the diversity and flexibility within those systems,” he said. “As both a primary provider and a re-seller, they are uniquely qualified to meet our many needs across our footprint. We’re excited to partner with Vision Net for both our primary and backup network capabilities.”

First Interstate Bank Chief Information Officer – Kade Peterson.

Vision Net CEO Corey Jensen said the partnership with First Interstate is significant. The company launched a new business development group in October 2018 with the sole purpose of expanding its presence in the enterprise space. “Landing a customer the size of First Interstate Bank less than one year into our initiative is incredibly rewarding,” he said.

“First Interstate Bank is a Montana-based company and a trusted banking leader in the northwest region of the United States. They are a client any networking company would love to have. Being selected to provide their entire wide-area network in the six-state region is an honor.”

Vision Net CEO – Corey Jensen

Jensen attributes the company’s success in this process to Vision Net’s employees and shareholders.

“We have assembled a deep talent pool in the networking field that is second to none in our region. That, coupled with the support we get from our shareholders to build an organization and network that can compete on service and price with any provider in the country, is why we’re successful.”

The resulting selection pairs two Montana companies with a goal of providing a seamless and reliable telecommunications experience to employees and customers across First Interstate’s multi-state footprint.

To learn more about First Interstate Bank’s decision to partner with Vision Net, please read the full press release here.