National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

According to Homeland Security, National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) is held every October and it is a collaborative effort between government and industry to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity and to ensure that all Americans have the resources they need to be safer and more secure online.

A cyber attack can be defined as an information security threat that involves an attempt to obtain, alter, destroy, remove, implant or reveal information without authorized access or permission. It happens to both individuals and organizations. There are many different kinds of attacks, including but not limited to passive, active, targeted, clickjacking, brandjacking, botnet, phishing, spamming, inside and outside. (Techopedia)

In recent years companies and individuals have been facing the rise of cyber criminals. Recent research shows that half of all Cyber attacks are targeted at small businesses. Big and popular companies are not immune to it either. Check out the greatest data breaches for those companies in US:

CompanyAccounts HackedDate of Hack
Yahoo!3 billionAug 2013
Marriott500 million2014-2018
Yahoo!500 millionLate 2014
Adult FriendFinder412 millionOct 2016
MySpace360 millionMay 2016
Under Armor150 millionFeb 2018
Equifax145.5 millionJul 2017
Ebay145 millionMay 2014
Target110 millionNov 2013
Heartland Payment Systems100+ millionMay 2008
LinkedIn100 millionJun 2012
Rambler.ru98 millionFeb 2012
TJX94 million2003-2004
AOL92 million2004
MyHeritage92 millionOct 2017
Sony PlayStation Network77 millionApr 2011
JP Morgan Chase83 millionJul 2014
Tumblr65 millionFeb 2013
Uber57 millionLate 2016
Home Depot53 millionApr 2014
Facebook50 millionJul 2017

Table by CPM Magazine

Vision Net makes sure to provide training to our employees to avoid data breach and and scams/frauds.

Utilizing carrier grade platforms and systems Vision Net’s Security Suite offers best in class mitigation and protection from an ever-increasing host of cyber threats.


Cylance Protect
Protection is possible using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Cylance identifies malware/scripting/virus before it can execute and prevents advanced threats that traditional anti-virus cannot.

Breach Detection
“Collect-and-analyze” approach to active threat detection.
Step by step recommendations to prioritize the threat, remediate the incident and address the root cause.

Remote Monitoring and Management
Windows patch updates and process monitoring.
Component threshold alarm.

Back Ups
Full image and/or documents only.
Hybrid Solution – local to offsite secure PCI/HIPPA compliant data centers.
Servers and desktops.

Next Generation Firewalls
Palo Alto Networks.
Prevention focused architecture.

Detection of known and unknown threats reduces the risk and prevents a broad range of attacks.

Do you know the risks of a cyber threat to your business? Talk to our team!