Employee Spotlight: Cassie Kitch


Please welcome Cassie Kitch, our new Marketing Assistant, here at the Great Falls office. She previously worked at Vision Net in a different department and has now returned for a new venture. We are excited to have her on the team once more!

Tell me about your background. 

I have a bachelor’s degree in Health Administration. My career path right now is running on its own course. I have been working in the medical field for the past two years while I have been going to school. Before I worked at the hospital, I worked at the club on the base. That is where I was the event planner and the manager’s assistant. I am trying to find something that makes me happy.

What made you choose to come back to Vision Net? 

My first time working at Vision Net was back in 2015. I came back because the people that work here are an excellent group of people to work with. I enjoy coming to work every day knowing it is going to be a good day. Plus, Vision Net really does care for their employees.

What are some of the responsibilities you have in your role? 

 Some of the responsibilities I have as the Marketing Assistant to coordinate events for the company internal and external. Assist in planning and preparation for all external marketing campaigns including digital marketing. Promotes and increases brand awareness throughout the company and departments.

What is an exciting aspect of your role?         

The most exciting aspect of my role is being able to plan events. I really enjoy planning events and being able to get all the preparations set up and the most rewarding part is going through the events and seeing how successful they are. Then the other exciting aspect is learning, learning about Marketing better and learning more about the company.

What is your favorite movie? 

 My all-time favorite movie is 8 Seconds. I cannot get enough of that movie. Nothing beats 8 Seconds either.

What is your favorite food?

 Really do not have a favorite food but if I must choose one it would be a medium-rare Elk steak with a side of asparagus and with king crab.

What is your favorite thing about living in Montana? 

Well, everything. I am a Montana native; nothing beats Montana. I love God’s Country! I am an outdoors person and love to be in the wilderness and enjoy the beauty that Montana has to offer. The only way someone can get me away from Montana is if I have a chance to live in Alaska but other than that I will always be in Montana.

Do you have any talents or hobbies? 

My hobbies are my horses. I enjoy riding my horses. There is nothing better than saddling up your horse and feeling the breeze in your face and feeling free. I call that my peace and calming spot. I also enjoy drawing and taking photos. I also enjoy going camping, boating, kayaking, hiking, and hunting with my family.