Ed Ulledalen – Client Testimonial

Working with local providers is a breath of fresh air!” said Ed Ulledalen, who runs a retirement Income Planning Firm, and was surprised by Vision Net’s phone system capabilities and excellent customer service.

Ed was not satisfied with their out-of-state provider, and, coincidently, seeing some workers digging trenches near his street, he decided to ask what they were doing.  These workers were trenching for Vision Net to lay fiber.  Ulledalen was thinking at some point it would be nice to upgrade so he filed that in the back of his mind.

Ulledalen kept thinking about those workers and ended up contacting Christina Halverson, Account Executive with Vision Net. Halverson focused on what they needed and closed the deal.  Working with a local provider was very appealing to Ulledalen.

One of the main benefits that his office saw right away was the use of the mobile app. A portable phone system that could grow with their business and keep in touch with clients was paramount in doing business today. No matter where you are at, staying in touch with clients and staff is critical.

“Halverson continues to stay in touch and gives us the confidence we made the right decision.”

Ed Ulledalen, Financial Advisor

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