Kristi Drake – Client Testimonial

Professional, personal, and efficient are three words that Kristi Drake, Executive Director with Billings TrailNet, uses to describe the staff at Vision Net. Reaching out to Vision Net has changed Drake’s whole perspective on what a partner in business really means.

When COVID struck, her office closed, and they had to learn how to stay connected while doing business from home. Drake said that she spent hours on the phone with their former telecommunications company, and nobody seemed to have a solution for her.

When Drake finally reached out to Vision Net, she found there was a solution for her team. Even though her office was small, Vision Net put the resources behind her to make it happen. Having service, either through our Unified Communications Mobility App, or access to our team monitoring her business, Drake feels a sense of security knowing her business will operate without a hitch. 

Knowing her customers only have to dial one number and reach her team no matter where they are, is peace of mind. Another benefit that Drakes loves about Vision Net is her account executive, Michelle Dahl. Drake said, “Michelle would call us on a regular basis making sure everything was going ok.” Not only with Michelle, but the Tech team was amazing to work with. “They really wanted to take care of us.” No matter the size of your business, Vision Net is there to partner with and help you grow your business.

“Working with a local provider is like a breath of fresh air. I feel like we are family.”

Kristi Drake- Executive Director, Billings TrailNet

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