Meet our Account Executive: Christina Halverson

Christina Halverson, one of our Account Executives out of Billings, brings professionalism and expertise to the job. Knowing her clients and what they need drives her to offer the right solutions at the right time.

One of the areas that Halverson prides herself on is listening and understanding what her clients need. Sometimes, they don’t know exactly what to ask, but Halverson is great at digging down to find out what their real needs are. After all is said and done, the client is excited to know they have a system designed to work together seamlessly with their business needs.

“Knowing where the pain points are and how Vision Net can come alongside and work with them is critical for the relationship between us.” Communication between Christina, her team, and the client is crucial to make sure we get it right. Dealing with a client and their connection to their business is the lifeblood of what they do. If our system fails them, it could affect more than just a happy customer.

Being local builds community and Vision Net understands what our small businesses need. What motivates Halverson is the ability to work in the local market and help them grow while providing amazing customer service.

With offices in Billings, Great Falls, Helena, and Missoula. Our network spans nearly 5,000 miles serving both rural and urban markets in Montana and the region. By leveraging our knowledge and decades of experience, we design the solution that is right for your needs and budget. Please do not hesitate to contact Christina and see how we can help power your business’ success.