Employee Spotlight: Diego Montalvo

2022 is here, and so is our first first Employee Spotlight interview. Diego Montalvo, one of Vision Net’s Network Technicians, who continues to learn new things in the year he has been with Vision Net. Bringing customer service and experience in the tech field makes him stand out among our clients.

What is your position at Vision Net and what do you do? 

I am a Tier 1 NOC Technician and I work the overnight shift monitoring all our systems and calling out alarms all around Montana and other states! Everyone else can sleep peacefully knowing we are watching for them! 

How long have you worked at Vision Net? 

I have been with Vision Net for 13 months. 

What made you choose Vision Net? 

I was given the opportunity to use my 15 years of customer service skills and was able to turn my hobby of tinkering with computers into a career.  

What 3 words describe Vision Net? 

Adaptive, Modern, Growing. 

What is your favorite Vision Net perk? 

Vision Net has had several meals to celebrate many holidays or just to gather with the rest of the Vision Net team! Many of my past jobs only gave us lunch for working on Christmas day.   

What is your favorite thing you have learned at Vision Net? 

I have learned to better manage my home network to better link devices in my home to each other. I am slowly improving my “home lab” set up. 

What challenges do you enjoy at Vision Net? 

No shift is ever the same, there is always something new and we find new ways to help our customers. 

Are there any projects you have worked on that you’re proud of? 

I have not helped with any major projects yet but look forward to the opportunity. 

What do you enjoy most about being a part of the Vision Net team? 

Everyone is really friendly and willing to teach me what they can! There is lots of experience in all departments within the company. 

If you could add one thing to the Vision Net office, what would it be? 

The running joke in the NOC is we need to get a pinball machine in the breakroom. As a gamer I would have to agree with that! 

What advice do you have for prospective Vision Net candidates? 

We are actively hiring for the NOC! We are willing to teach and this is a great group to learn from!   

What is something people would never guess you do in your role? 

Assisting with supporting all Montana 911 centers. Not something people think of often, but it is a vital part of supporting our community. 

With the changes in technology, how has your job changed? Or What is the greatest innovation you have seen in your lifetime? 

Technology is evolving all around us, I look forward to what VR can offer. It is slowly becoming mainstream and will eventually change the way we communicate and interact across the world.  

What is your favorite movie? 

Having worked at a movie theater I have many favorites, a top one has to be Lion King, the 1994 version.      

What is your favorite food? 

Mexican Food which sadly is hard to find up here! In Arizona it was everywhere and some were open 24/7! 

Do you have any talents or hobbies? 

I have recently started 3D Printing and it has very quickly taken over my hobby room!  I have a few printed items on my desk if anyone has never seen a 3d printed item! 

How do you define success? 

To me success means making a positive impact in someone’s life. That may be through a job well done, learning from them, teaching them, or just helping them in some way.