State executives visited the Vision Net office

On Wednesday, state executives visited Vision Net to gain a deeper understanding of Montana’s broadband ecosystem as they manage Montana’s implementation of federal broadband infrastructure investment funds.

“Vision Net provides a perfect illustration of the sophistication of Montana’s rural broadband operations,”

said Geoff Feiss, General Manager of the Montana Telecommunications Association (MTA).

MTA frequently hosts state and federal government officials at Vision Net so they gain a better understanding of the advanced telecommunications network services that Montana’s locally-owned, community-based broadband providers deliver.

Vision Net’s Operations Manager Gary Evans showcased our Network Operations Center to visitors: Ryan Osmundson, State Budget Director, Scott Mendenhall, State ARPA Director, Tony Zammit, Deputy Chief Legal Counsel, and Liane Taylor from the Gov’s budget office.

We are proud to be a proponent of more investments in the Montana communities.