Managed WiFi: the cost-effective solution for your business’ success

For many business owners, managing their WiFi network is in itself a full-time job. Small businesses without a dedicated IT department might feel overwhelmed by the demands of managing Wi-Fi that delivers a secure and robust connection that covers the entire office, building, or campus. Even large businesses can struggle with managing the signal and scale of a complex WiFi deployment. To proactively protect your business and ensure your success, Vision Net offers an all-in-one WiFi as a Service platform (managed WiFi subscription) that includes complete managed network services.

Unmanaged WiFi networks were a popular option in years past, and today, some businesses rely on an unmanaged WiFi model with multiple access points with low bandwidth speeds and a few dedicated devices. A typical advantage of unmanaged WiFi is lower upfront costs, but when downtime, on-site IT staff, productivity, and scalability is factored in, a managed WiFi solution is the more cost-effective model for the long-term success of your business.

Stay ahead of your competition with Vision Net’s management services.

Vision Net’s managed WiFi provides your business with a secure wireless network that allows your teams, employees and facility guests to connect through multiple access points across various locations. Our secure cloud-based technology gives you the peace of mind to operate your business instead of worrying about managing, controlling, and troubleshooting issues that arise with WiFi deployments. And since no business is the same, and each business’ needs are different, Vision Net provides customized solutions that fit your needs and budget through the use of advanced mapping and signal distribution software.

Coupling the managed WiFi network with Vision Net’s next-generation network means we can provide your business with the tools and options that deliver the best technology solution for your needs and budget. Our multi-vendor, multi-location Tier 1 connections guarantee high speed, ultra-reliable Internet connections, and unprecedented flexibility in building and maintaining your network.

Supporting emerging and cutting-edge technologies, our wholesale and network services include Ethernet wholesale, Dedicated Internet, point-to-point, and multipoint wireless connections, SD-WAN as well as one of the most robust Internet Access networks in the region. Vision Net can completely manage your IT infrastructure to ensure your business remains ahead of your competitors. Contact Vision Net today to learn how we can proactively manage your network.