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Help your business prepare for the future of events with a robust technology solution

Event professionals will remember 2020 as a year that redefined their industry forever. With new safety concerns came the rise of virtual events. It will take a while to get past the stigma of superspreader events, and businesses will need to work hard to ensure the safety of their in-person events while keeping brand awareness alive with virtual events. It’s fun to speculate what the future may look like, but your business has an event, or several events to run, and you don’t need speculation, you need knowledge of trends and a network to keep your business secure. Learn about event trends businesses can expect, and how to prepare for them to ensure success.

Throughout 2020, businesses had to cancel events, leading to revenue loss, lowered client engagement, and decreased brand awareness. Pivoting to a remote option proved to be lucrative for businesses during the early days of the Pandemic and as businesses began to reopen, saw benefits to using a hybrid model to bring more people to their events. This trend shows no sign of slowing down even after masks and social distancing are a thing of the past.

The goal for event-focused businesses is securing a good ROI through operational efficiency, integration, and support. Recently, the Billings Depot, with the expertise of Vision Net’s engineering and business development team, quickly adapted to a new remote option for weddings, business meetings, and community events.

Together with the Depot’s team, the Vision Net team moved quickly to create an online, streaming event component to allow the Depot to meet strict local, state, and CDC guidelines so guests could participate remotely. A key aspect of Vision Net’s solution involved updating the building’s infrastructure to include greater bandwidth capacity and higher speeds to stream special events live online.

Along with a robust technology solution, the Depot project included a much-needed upgrade to the existing phone system, with Vision Net leveraging our phone solution, Vision Voice, with a hosted VoIP platform and Unified Communications application to ensure the Billings Depot team could stay in contact with each other and customers through voice, video, chat, and content sharing to deliver a high level of customer service.

The Billings Depot can now offer training and courses, behind-the-scenes tours, interviews and performances, weddings, conferences, and shows to audiences in-person and remotely, showcasing the space’s elegance and history to an audience beyond the Billings community.

From live-tweeting to livestreaming, businesses are leveraging technology solutions to stay ahead of the competition with great success; is your company ready to go virtual?