Vision Net is a Leader in Collaborative Culture

Since 1995, Vision Net has built a company culture that revolves around innovation, communication, and proactive solutions and we are proud of the culture we continue to build. “To me, culture is everything for a company. I work to show Vision Net employees that I’m heavily invested in continually developing our culture of collaboration,” says Vision Net’s CEO Corey Jensen.

The dynamic management of Vision Net guides our business based on the rural values of cooperation, accountability, and commitment to quality service and solutions. As partners of small to medium-sized businesses, we are proud to deliver business solutions that fuel economic and educational development. “I’m a Montana guy, and instilling Montana’s values into our culture is very important to me,” Jensen said.

Our collaborative culture strives to provide employees with an innovative workplace to enhance their skills and opportunities. Our management team, including the CEO, have been Vision Net employees for over 10 years, creating a culture a workplace that values and cultivates longevity and robust career growth.

Vision Net provides our employees with challenging work, competitive benefits and pay, and a culture of collaboration. Vision Net Managers work to create an inclusive and diverse workspace where employees are encouraged to present ideas, provide insight, and work as a team to develop the best solutions for our clients. Vision Net’s Management team cares about the well-being of its staff and strives to create a workspace where work/life balance, flexibility, and safety are valued. “There’s still more to come, but I love talking about our culture and working on perfecting our culture.”

Recently, Vision Net employees completed an engagement survey that measured key areas of strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities and we are proud that Vision Net ranked higher than the national average on Management and Culture.

Vision Net values the safety of our employees and our clients, and our proactive response before and during the COVID crisis was essential to ensuring our employees remained healthy. Vision Net’s management team set out a clear plan of action for all employees and readily provided the resources employees needed to work safely. When work moved remotely, Vision Net employees created and delivered solutions so our client’s workforce could transition without interruption or downtime.

Vision Net is focused on our clients’ needs and in building a company for all employees to succeed, feel valued, and proud of the work they do. We are proud of our Montana values and of the standards we set. These values guide our 25-year culture and will continue to guide our operations in the years and decades to come.