Healthy is Wellness Returns

On Wednesday, June 24, Healthy is Wellness staff returned to the Great Falls office to provide a monthly health assessment. To cultivate a culture of health, Vision Net provides health assessment from Healthy is Wellness. Using advanced body composition technology from InBody, employees are given an assessment that evaluates overall health using key metrics such as muscle mass, BMI, and skeletal muscle mass.

One employee we talked to appreciates the ability to track their progress, learn areas to improve on, and learn how to achieve different health goals helps them focus on overall health, not just the number on the scale; their goal over the next month is to reduce their sugar intake.

For others, increasing physical activity, improving sleep patterns, or improving mental health are goals that are attainable through the consultation. Whatever your goals are, Healthy is Wellness is here to help you. Your health and well-being remains a priority, and a key benefit Healthy is Wellness provides Vision Net employee is they break down barriers to health, provide medical-based measurements to map your help, and educate employees on preventing or lowering your risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancers, inflammation, and other diseases that can affect their health. Best of all, your data belongs to you and all data is secure.

Healthy is Wellness will return July 21 (Billings) and July 22 (Great Falls), and we encourage our employees to sign up so they can proactively manage their health and well-being.