Simple Changes, Big Impacts: Healthy is Wellness Returns to Vision Net

Vision Net cares about our employee’s wellness and continually looks for ways to incorporate health and well-being into our company culture. On the 18th and 27th, our partners at Healthy is Wellness made their monthly visit to our offices in Billings and Great Falls to help our staff proactively manage their health.

This service, free for Vision Net employees, promotes a holistic approach to health that includes Sleep, Calmness, Activity, and Nutrition (SCAN) overviews in a 15-20 minute confidential consultation.

Throughout the visit, Vision Net employees compared previous month’s results to see how their health, sleep patterns, and wellness improved, and as we adjust to the challenges presented by the Coronavirus, our health and well-being remains a priority.

A key benefit Healthy is Wellness provides Vision Net employee is that they break down barriers to health, provide medical-based measurements to map your help, show employees how they can prevent or lower their risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancers, inflammation, and other diseases that can affect their health. We encourage our employees to partake in these events so they can proactively manage your health and well-being.  

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