the cloud

Businesses are moving to the Cloud: learn why

Has your business been affected by a cyberattack? If so, you understand the time and money required to recover, to say nothing of the hit to your reputation, your client’s well-being, and the future of your business. As cyberattacks become more sophisticated, business owners want to protect their businesses; shifting to a modern data platform is the most cost-effective and secure way to accomplish this.

Cloud has become the primary location for businesses storage; security, data modernization, and cost are among the top reasons businesses are migrating their data to the cloud. Vision Net makes it easy to manage your data, protect your network, and keep your business running. Cloud computing offers several benefits to your business.

Flexibility | Cloud is ideal for businesses with growing or fluctuating bandwidth demands. If your needs increase, Vision Net makes it easy to scale your capacity and if you need to scale down, that flexibility is available. Your businesses will see a real advantage over your competitors.

Low-Cost Disaster Recovery | Your business should invest in robust disaster recovery, and Vision Net’s Cloud solutions can help your business prevent data loss and help you recover vital data in the event of a natural or other disaster.

Software Update | The innovation of cloud computing is that the servers are off premises, out of sight, and out of your hair. Vision Net takes care of your servers, along with software updates so you don’t have to worry about wasting time maintaining your on-site server, giving you time to focus on your business.

Capital-Expenditure Free | Cloud computing cuts out the high cost of hardware. You pay for what you need, ensuring your cash flow goes toward your business. Along with the ease of setup and management, it’s easier than ever to take the first step to cloud adoption.

Increased Collaboration | When your employees can access, edit, and share documents anytime, from anywhere, they can to do more and do it better. Cloud-based workflow combined with our Work Anywhere Suite help your employees stay engaged, make updates in real time, and fully collaborate across offices and locations.

Once your business migrates to the Cloud, your files are centrally stored with employees having access to files. If you still use on-site storage, it could be time to learn about Vision Net’s streamlined network management methods; we’re happy to answer any questions and design your business’ 21st Century technology solution.