How AI Improves Cybersecurity for Businesses

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most promising technologies and has earned a lot of buzz in recent years. What was imagined as Science Fiction 60 years ago, AI now has practical applications that businesses embrace to increase employee productivity and overall output, and none are as important as the implementation of AI for your business’ Cybersecurity.

AI compliments the expertise of Vision Net’s IT professionals by analyzing massive quantities of risk data to speed response times and strengthen our security operations. Cyberattacks cost small businesses more than $2.2 million/year and over the last year, there was a 424% increase in small business cyber breaches.

Vision Net’s Cybersecurity experts reiterate 3 components of a robust cybersecurity package; accuracy, requirement, and correlation.

Accuracy | important because humans make mistakes, machines make fewer. At the hyper-scale of incoming attacks, humans cannot interpret potential causality.

Requirement | AI-powered tech is a requirement today due to the speed at which variants of threats can mutate in the wild.

Correlation | any one security product on its own only provides a small layer of protection. Multiple stacked technologies together, such as Vision Secure, complement and share data for a stronger defense, where AI can fast-track correlation.

Roy Alexander, Vision Net’s Senior Account Manager clarifies why his team is passionate about creating security solutions that incorporate AI. “We appreciate our clients’ need for cybersecurity advice, which is why we spend an enormous amount of effort, time, and resources to ensure we are prepared to mitigate cyber risk on their behalf.”

As cyberattacks grow in volume and complexity, AI curates threat intelligence from millions of sources and provides instant insights. By combining the AI accomplishes a deeper level of network security by combining the strengths of artificial intelligence and human intelligence.

“The number of businesses that are impacted by a cyber breach is shocking, and we have a responsibility to our clients to offer the best level of protection while staying within budgetary lines. Vision Net has achieved that with Vision Secure, our security suite of products. Incorporating next-generation platforms and leveraging AI has allowed us to design a best in class product to protect our clients from an increasingly dangerous cyber environment.”

Find out how Vision Net can design an AI-assisted Cybersecurity system for your business’ needs.