Vision Net keeps your business secure

Your business’ security is one of your smartest investments; a data breach, hack, or phishing scam can wreak havoc on your ability to provide the level of service your customers expect. 43% of cyberattacks target small businesses, costing small businesses more than $2.2 million/year and in 2019, there was a 424% increase in small business cyber breaches. How can you know your system is secure?

Ransomware attacks are on the rise and the impact on businesses is significant. With an average downtime of 15 days, an attack can negatively affect your bottom line, employee productivity, and company morale. Ransomware attacks proliferate as an effective cybersecurity threat because it works; hackers get paid.

To proactively prevent attacks, Vision Net offers a variety of security services, including

  • Network and wireless penetration testing | Simulated cyber-attack to check for exploitable vulnerabilities. Our specialists attempt to breach your systems to uncover weaknesses. Insights provided by the penetration test fine tunes your security posture by demonstrating the real-world business impact of network and/or wireless exploitation.
  • Web app penetration testing | Evaluating your website and other web-based applications for potential vulnerabilities in either pre-production or post-production.
  • Phishing testing | Vision Net will generate deceptive emails to your staff to gauge their response to phishing and similar email attacks. The emails are often a form of training, but such testing is normally done in conjunction with prior training and often followed up with more training elements. This is especially the case for those who “fail” by opening any email attachments, clicking on attached weblinks, or if they were tricked into entering credentials. Detailed reporting is included to help you determine where your security awareness training may need to place greater focus as well as determine what progress is being made by your employees.
  • Physical Penetration Testing | Vision Net will assess and test the physical security controls of your organization such as badge systems, door locks, man-traps, alarm systems, and camera systems to identify weaknesses. You cannot have information security without physical security.
  • Security Awareness Training | Vision Net will tailor a program to your specific organization and/or industry to train employees on best practices to keep your company’s data safe and secure.
  • Complete security program development or review | Vision Net will work with you to build a complete security program from the ground up, including policy development and best practices for all facets of information security as it pertains to your organization and industry. Vision Net can review your existing security program to help identify gaps that may exist.
Ben Mayo, a Network Engineer with Vision Net, discusses network security strategies

The Vision Net team works with companies to review security weak spots and vulnerabilities to ensure systems remain safe and steps ahead of ransomware and other cyber-attacks. Beginning with the security of the physical space that houses your data center to the network you’ve built, Vision Net can provide a complete overview of weaknesses, threats, and opportunities for improvements to ensure your business remains ahead of the next threat.

Protect what you’ve built with Vision Net’s security technology and services.