Wellness program launched for Vision Net employees and their family members

Because we care about our employees’ health and want to help empower them to feel in control of their individual health goals, we have engaged a local health and wellness partner: Healthy Is Wellness! This service is free for our employees and any of their family members to participate! We launched the program in Billings on January 23th and in Great Falls on the 24th. Helena and Missoula’s employees are scheduling their appointments for the following weeks.

HEALTHY IS WELLNESS is a corporate wellness company and they are passionate about disrupting wellness programs, creating individualization, and really making people’s personal heath experience all around more enjoyable.

Dr. Nich Pertuit and his team of wellness coaches are thrilled to be working with our employees MONTHLY at Vision Net offices. Every month they will bring research-validated, cutting edge technology to allow people to get feedback on how their body is responding to current behaviors. They do not make a person change anything, and they do not report individual data back to the company. Your data is YOUR data, and that’s it. It’s there to help guide you specifically, so they keep it private to you.

They utilize medical grade , research validated technology to create a
holistic profile that includes the following metrics:

■ total muscle mass -body muscle % -body fat %

■ total lean body mass -visceral fat -basal metabolism

■ blood pressure -total body water -hemoglobin A1c

■ segmental mass measurements (lean mass and fat mass of right arm, left arm, trunk, right leg, left leg)

■ intra- vs. extra-cellular water content for every limb and more, and all in under 10 minutes by using non-invasive research validated techniques!

“We are excited to work with Vision Net employees. We meet everyone where they are already in their health journey to help educate and guide them along the way. We always promise to be convenient and not add stress to the employees’ already busy life. That is why we come to them, each month, with one on one appointments that never take longer than 20 minutes. On this launching, we had nothing but great feedback from Vision Net employees.”

Rachel Hausauer, Director – Health Coach Trainer.

Vision Net employee with wellness coaches in Great Falls, MT.
Employee’s family member with Healthy is Wellness’ coach.
Healthy is Wellness in Billings, MT.