Helena Public Schools selects Vision Net’s New Fiber Network

We’re thrilled to share that Helena Public Schools has selected Vision Net’s new broadband solution — a 23-mile fiber optic ring surrounding the city — to power its online educational experience. Vision Net singled out Helena last year as an underserved metropolitan area with a need for reliable, high-speed connectivity.

The city has struggled with numerous and extended internet outages over the past couple years, leading to significant downtime for area businesses. Schools also have suffered the consequences, with limited to no access to critical extended learning opportunities when service dropped. Vision Net’s new fiber network is designed to address these issues, delivering fast connectivity and dependability, along with 24/7, 365-days-a-year monitoring and secondary connectivity — essentially a backup plan should one connection go out.

Schools nationwide rely on high-speed Internet to provide a robust learning environment and streamlined administrative solutions. Helena Public School’s decision to tap Vision Net’s new fiber optic ring ensures area students are competing — and learning — on a level playing field while preparing them for future employment in a global environment.

To learn more about Helena Public Schools’ decision to partner with Vision Net, please read the full press release here.

Check if your business is within reach of a more reliable and faster connection option: https://www.vision.net/helena_fiber.html