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Your Business’ Lines of Defense

It’s not your imagination, ransomware attacks are on the increase. In fact, in 2020, ransomware attacks increased 150% with the amount paid increasing more than 300%. Throughout 2021, ransomware attacks

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High speed broadband

More and more, reliable fast internet access is an essential service. At Vision Net, we understand this need and work to connect small internet providers in the state to the

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Employee Spotlight: Michelle Dahl

This month, we met Michelle Dahl, an Account Executive with our Business Development team who has actually scaled tall buildings in the pursuit of helping our clients move their business

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network technician

Employee Spotlight: Ryan Peterson

This month, we met Ryan Peterson, Vision Net’s Network Technician who has been developing innovative solutions for our clients for over 17 years. Along the way, he has helped expand Vision Net’s IP hubs, designed some really cool LED boards, and found Great Falls’ best burger! Learn about Ryan role at Vision Net.

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